Next-Gen NSX Supercar

The sublime driving experience of the new Acura NSX can be yours in Gainesville, FL.

The 2020 Acura NSX is coming to Gainesville, FL, and fans of exotic cars will be enthralled by all that this American-built supercar has to offer. The blend of power, technology and build quality that goes into the new NSX makes it a must-see, and you can configure yours now to find the best fit for your unique taste.

Race-Inspired Engine

The dual-motor hybrid drive system used in the new Acura NSX borrows technology from the world of racing, and it always delivers a thrill. The combined 573 horsepower and 476 lb-ft of torque shifts power through all four wheels to give you a stunning 0 to 60 mph time of just 2.7 seconds. There is truly nothing like the power of the Acura NSX, and the American-based engineering that goes into its incredible power unit. It's all-wheel drive system vectors torque to the outside wheels to improve cornering ability and correct oversteer or understeer moments to keep you in control.

Precision Engineering

The precision and attention to detail that goes into manufacturing an Acura NSX helps iron out every aspect of your driving experience. The Super Skeleton frame offers sharp handling that won't diminish over time, and the 50/50 weight distribution gives you balanced handling that allows you to push your limits with greater ease. A driver-centric approach to performance means that the Acura NSX is both incredibly powerful and easy to get to grips with, including a low center of gravity that improves handling without sacrificing build quality.

Explore Your Acura NSX Options In Our Gainesville Showroom

There a lot of choices to make when deciding on the best configuration for your new Acura NSX. We encourage you to begin building your ideal supercar before you pay us a visit to further the process. At Key Acura of Gainesville, we'll help make your NSX dreams a reality so you can turn heads everywhere you go.

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