Make Summer A Breeze by Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Warmer Weather

Here in Gainesville, Floridians have the advantage of not having to worry about snow tires. However, as summer approaches, we know that the sun can have no mercy at times on us and our cars. Get your vehicle summer-ready by ensuring you have routine maintenance checked off your to-do list.

Ocala locals may not need to worry about winter salt rusting their undercarriage, but they do have to worry about salt in the air. As peninsula natives, our cars can suffer extensive rusting from residing near the salty beaches. Preventative care like frequent car washing helps, but it's always good to make sure a regular service appointment is on the calendar. Check out what types of summer services you should book for your car to increase its longevity.

Common Summer Season Car Maintenance

  • Wiper Replacement: Lake City locals will agree, rain is no joke in Florida. Your wipers work harder than most states, so there's a good chance you may be due for a replacement.
  • Brake Check & Replacement: With salt being a leading factor in rust and erosion, your brakes may need to be checked more regularly than brakes up north. Let us check the health of your brakes to ensure they're in good standing.
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair: Heat can make Middleburg locals not want to leave their house with how high the temperatures can get. But if you do need to leave your house, you want to make sure the air conditioning works in your car. We'll make sure your AC is running smoothly.

Schedule Your Summer Service Today

These are just some of the services and amenities you can expect at our shop. If you're in the Alachua area, schedule an appointment with our service center today and take advantage of our ongoing promotions .

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