When the temperatures begin to soar in Gainesville, your vehicle begins to feel the stress of providing cool air in addition to performing up to standards. Unfortunately, many minor things can go wrong in a vehicle's A/C system when it is working hard to balance all these functionalities. If you suspect a problem with your vehicle's air conditioning system, diagnostic services from Key Acura of Gainesville near Ocala can help detect the issue. Knowing where to start is key to getting your vehicle's A/C system back to proper operating condition.

Addressing A/C Problems

Air conditioners use refrigerant to help keep temperatures cool for circulation within your vehicle. A/C leaks are a common cause of air conditioning issues for vehicles around Middleburg, FL. At Key Acura of Gainesville, our trained professionals are educated in leak detection and repair for a variety of models. Working on vehicle A/C systems is not as straightforward as one might think, though. Special regulations must be met when disposing of freon and refrigerants, as they can be harmful to the environment. Our staff understands the process for recovering, recycling, and recharging vehicle A/C systems while using proper disposal techniques for freon and refrigerants near Lake City, FL.

Air Conditioning Recharge Services

Sometimes your vehicle's A/C system does not need to be repaired, but it does need to be freshened up through a recharge. This process includes inspecting a vehicle's A/C system and adding extra refrigerant or freon to fill it up to recommended levels. At the end of an A/C recharge, vehicle owners are provided with a consistent stream of fresh air that revamps their drive in Alachua. Pre-owned vehicles will commonly require A/C recharge services more often than new models, but this all depends on how often drivers use their air conditioner and the typical climate in Gainesville.

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